Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Making Great Progress!

Sometimes it can be challenging to balance a “life” of work and parenting and all of the responsibilities of a breadwinner and employee. But, I keep reminding myself that building a 2nd tiny house is a CHOICE for me and even with sponsors on board, the pace is dictated by ME! 

Now, granted, I tend to push myself and my contractors way harder than may be necessary but the biggest push-victim is me!  How fast does one build a tiny house they don’t really NEED?  Am I going to get kicked out of the tiny house / minimalism club for having more than is necessary?  

(Rhetorical questions? Perhaps…..)

With that said, however, and despite the Holiday Season on us; I have been making GREAT progress on My Tiny Perch!

The Trailer

Every THOW (tiny house on wheels) project starts with the decision to design the trailer to the floor plan or design the floor plan to the trailer.  For my first build I did the latter, for my next one I’m doing the former.

As such, it gave me WAY more flexibility regarding the sourcing and then the pricing for a trailer.  I was so giddy to have found a flatbed that was the PREFECT size for only $600!  There was some risk associated with the missing VIN and the connection of paperwork to actual trailer. But, last week I “found” the VIN buried under the under-trailer vapor barrier and now my dots are all connected.  This weekend my flatbed will be delivered to me for DOT inspection and plates in OR. 

Demo is almost done and ready for lumber pick up!

Because I’ll be using T1-11 and because I’m losing my lovely / dry garage in a few weeks, I decided to expedite the process of painting the siding.  So, for the past several weeks, during TV commercial breaks, (seriously, no joke…) I pop into my garage and put another coat of paint on.  And, now I’m done!

Yes, my tiny house is painted before it is even built!  No need to fret over lack of dry painting weather in the winter. 

Yay! Me!
Painting...one sheet at a time!

Perhaps it goes without saying that the FIRST people I called to pitch my sponsorship proposal to, were the same companies who sponsored my first build.  And (GREAT NEWS!) they all said “YES!” or “They wish they could but do not have the budget.” 

So My Tiny Perch is off to a GREAT start and we have already secured sponsors for all of the following products:

Lumber and Plywood and OSB by Mr. Plywood

Windows and Doors by Parr Lumber

Countertops by Oregon Lumber Works

Electrical Supplies and Fixtures by Platt Electric

Kitchen Sink by Elkay

Composting Toilet by Nature’s Head

Paint by SherwinWilliams

Furnishing Hardware by Rockler Woodworking Hardware

SmallerLiving.org by donating $$$


And speaking of $$$$....

In the middle of my crazy life, and everything else I have going on, I just got a NEW JOB!  My two kids are moving out, I am moving INTO my tiny house to occupy when I am not at my boyfriend’s house.  So, in a nutshell, my expenses just took a nose dive and my income just experienced a spike. So, while the last build was challenged by finances that were not covered by the sponsors, I don’t anticipate this build will have ANY financially related delays. 

I’m still paying for it, in cash, as I go.  But I now have more flexibility to do so and that’s a great feeling!!!
Who'd thunk so much awesomeness could happen at once!?

Part of my “allure” to sponsors and affiliates is my ability to expose them to a LOT of people who will be watching my progress online and seeing their products in action.

And to that end, 2017 is shaping up to be a banner year for me!

So far I have been asked to participate as a Speaker at a workshop in CA in February, as a Keynote Speaker at a Festival in March, and as an Emcee at a Street Festival in NC in April.  And, rumor has it, that MORE speaking engagements are to come. 

I just hope my new employer is as “flexible” as they say they will be. 

Wish me luck!!!??

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