Monday, March 27, 2017

Framing - Part Two

Wall #1, lookin' good!

It took only one day to get the other 3 walls framed.

And the next day, wall #4 went up and we started on the roof joists.

I love this pic.  
It's so illustrative of the complexities of the framing process.

And, THANK YOU AGAIN! Mr. Plywood, 
for the framing and siding materials we used to creative this lovely "sculpture".

Then, we wrap!

Looking out of the only rear window.

I drilled and screened 56 vent holes that day.
It was sooooo much work!

Thank you, Insulation Solutions, for our house wrap.
It was super easy to install because the rolls were only 36" wide.

Next, the windows were wrapped with flashing tape.
I love that stuff, it's so effective and so easy to use!!

And then we ran out of the black flashing tape.
But then we discovered an equally good but way cheaper flashing tape, 
and used it for the rest of the windows.

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