Monday, June 5, 2017

Dear Sponsors, We LOVE you ALL!

There is simply no way we would be able to build My Tiny Perch without the generous support of you, our GREAT sponsors.

And, this time, rather than sending you all an email / newsletter, I’m going to shout to the world (again!) my appreciation (and affection) for you, your staff, and your products; via this blog post.

And while we have not yet cracked open the boxes of ALL of the products we’ve received, there are a few sponsors and products that have taken an expeditious front and center in our world.

"Who are they?"

Sherwin Williams’ staff (which includes my son) was quite surprised that I chose such a bold color for the exterior.  But the comments that started out as a “you’re painting it THAT color?” have now ended up as “I LOVE the color” from all who see it.

Bright, Bold and Beautiful!

Mr. Plywood and their knowledgeable staff have gone above and beyond to advise, select, and provide the lumber and siding which has, after many nights of lost sleep, actually resulted in the under-weight shell that we hoped it would be. 

Working with such great materials also allowed us to stay ahead of the build schedule, 
even in bad weather!

Maybe the framing is not much to look at, but we've been oh so impressed nonetheless!

Here we are, espousing our love for Mr. Plywood everywhere we go!

If eyes are the window to your soul, our windows and door are a peek into the caring souls of the flexible and supportive staff at ParrLumber. The amazing windows are a beautiful and dominate feature of My Tiny Perch that gives the interior a not-so-tiny feel.  

A HUGE view from where WE stand!

I am in LOVE with the orange door!

And last, but not least, thank you to Insulation Solutions for stepping up to provide the house “wraptor” we needed, just when we needed it!

Keeping it dry and prepping for siding.

And, this party's just getting started.....


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