Monday, July 24, 2017

FIVE REASONS to Attend the Tiny House Living Festival in Colorado - August 11th-13th

Reason #1 – MJ is in the HOUSE!?

I’m so proud to announce that I have been invited back to Colorado to be one of the Emcees for this event! I am sooooo looking forward to meeting some of my old friends, and probably making a few new ones too! The only thing I have LEFT to decide is whether or not to buy another new pair of festival boots.  

Look 'Ma, No Railings!

Reason #2 – Experience Where It Counts

Did you love the Jamboree? If you didn’t go, did you wish you had? The people behind the Tiny House Living Festival are the same driven, creative, organized, and fun people as the people that were behind the scenes at the original Jamboree.   

A Fun Loving Crowd of Tiny House Enthusiasts

Reason #3 – A “Down Home” Feel

The Tiny House Living Festival isn’t at a hotel and attendees won’t be sitting for hours in a conference room. The organizers, speakers, vendors, and sponsors are working hard to create an informal and approachable event where the attendees don’t get lost in the hustle and bustle and will have lots of time to chat and mingle with their favorite tiny house people. And did I mention there will be tiny houses to tour!?

A Few of My Tiny House People!

Reason #4  - Location, Location, Location

I’ll be flying in to Denver Airport and then taking an Uber to my AirBnB accommodations. From my “home base” I can then take light rail or WALK to and from the event at the Aspen Grove Center as well as to and from countless local restaurants.  Parking will be easy and plentiful and transit access for this event truly is SECOND TO NONE!

The Scenic Aspen Grove Center in Littleton, CO

Reason #5 – Big Bang for your Buck!

An all access weekend pass costs only $25 and parking is FREE! Whether you’re a tiny house enthusiast, planning your build, researching builders, or are just looking for inspiration to simplify your life and downsize a bit; you’ll find everything you want at the Tiny House Living Festival for less than the cost of a full tank of gas. (P.S. And there are still plenty of affordable flights into, and out of, Denver airport for that weekend!)

Tiny House Living Festival will be held on August 11th – 13th in Littleton, Colorado.


  1. That's pretty cool! I was hoping you would be at the in Keenesburg almost a week prior. I made a suggestion to Greg Parnham to contact you...maybe your dance card was filled. Well, if not, I hope you contact him! Make it a two week stay and do the tinyhousepodcast from lil ol Keenesburg! It. Is. Tiny!
    Love tbe podcast!

  2. Awww, no he never contacted me! Maybe next year!? Thanks for your comment, and I'm glad you love the podcast. Now I know we have at least ONE person who listens!? LOL Enjoy the festival, take lots of pics!

  3. I shall! I will see you at the tinyhouselivingfestival on Fri.

  4. #1 Is all I need to know!!! woot woot

  5. I am going to the Littleton festival and can"t wait!!! So excited to meet te speakers too!