Thursday, July 26, 2018

Amelia ~ The Tiny House with a Big Dream

Photo by Mark Sharley Photography

Once in a while, an opportunity comes along that you cannot say "No" to.

And, the invitation to design and build the first and only tiny house at the 
NW Natural Street of Dreams 
has been the opportunity of a lifetime.

Photo by Mark Sharley Photography

In addition to building the tiny house, she also had to be landscaped and staged.

Photo by Mark Sharley Photography

And, we had to "fit" in.
Here she is....our tiny 204 square foot house next to her 6,000+ square foot neighbor.

And next, we step inside...

Photo by Mark Sharley Photography

Inspired by "My Tiny Perch" the bed takes up the whole room and makes for a really cozy "nest" bed.
It also lifts up, assisted by air shocks, for easy access to almost 50 cubic feet of storage.

In a 204 square foot house, that's a LOT of storage!

Photo by Mark Sharley Photography

Just imagine, you can put your laundry in the all-in-one washer dryer unit....
come home after a long day at work...
take the clothes out...
and hang them up directly overhead.

Very efficient!

Photo by Mark Sharley Photography

Seriously, the washer dryer is not only efficient but it's beautiful!

Photo by Mark Sharley Photography

Not to be outdone by the bedroom, our bathroom has storage galore.
And not only UNDER the sink, but a built in cubby door doubles as a counter top.

(Dang, we forgot to take a pic of the cubby!)

Photo by Mark Sharley Photography

If you look closely, you'll see a decorative nod to "Ralph" in the shower.
the infamous frog from My Tiny Empty Nest's youtube video...

Photo by Mark Sharley Photography

If I told you how much effort it took to get these doors just the right shade of red, 
you'd never believe me.
In the end, however, I am so glad I did.

Everyone else may not agree...there was so much drama over these doors!

Photo by Mark Sharley Photography

The kitchen is truly the center of this house and consumes over 1/3 of the total floor plan.

Photo by Mark Sharley Photography

These appliances are nothing short of amazing.

Who needs art when I can stare at these all day?

Photo by Mark Sharley Photography

For the next few weeks if you can't find me, I'll be here...
working on my laptop and drinking coffee with this amazing view of the golf course.

Photo by Mark Sharley Photography

Yes, a natural gas fireplace in a tiny house; the first of its kind.
And this baby really heats up fast, and comes with a convenient remote.

(you know, in case you don't want to get up to shut it off)

Photo by Mark Sharley Photography

Yes. I am obsessed with ceiling fans.
Or, frankly, fans of any kind.
Amelia has four of them; one on the ceiling, one over the stove, 
one in the bathroom, and one in the laundry closet.

There will NEVER be any moisture problems in THIS tiny house.

Photo by Mark Sharley Photography

It's too bad that this blog format won't let me display this stunning photo in the scale it really should be shown on.

This shot was taken late, and reflects the truly quiet surroundings of this particular night.

Photo by Mark Sharley Photography

The next morning we arrived to find THIS stunning cloud display.

And I really couldn't have asked for a better backdrop to the finale of this project...

Now, I get to process the emotions of letting her go.

MJ Boyle
Empty Nest Tiny Homes
Designer. Builder. Occupant. Advocate.

Photos Provided by Courtesy of Mark Sharley Photography.
Please respect his talent by including credit to his work on all use of these photos.


  1. What a labor love, and a testament to so many hard working people.

  2. Amazing. So beautiful and luxurious!

  3. Our Family LOVES LOVES LOVES Your Empty Nest Tiny House!!! As We Looked At Each Picture...We Were Able To Click On It And Bring It Up To The Size Of The Entire Computer Screen...WOW, Those Last Pictures Blown Up...So Beautiful!!! You Are Truly Blessed!!!

  4. It's beautiful! Very well done!