Thursday, August 20, 2020

My Tiny Vagabond ~ Joining the Village March 2021!


I told my friends I was "done" with tiny houses.

I promised I wouldn't buy or remodel any more.

But when I saw this 120 sq foot tiny house shell, 
for sale, in Medford on one sunny Summer Day.....

I knew I'd have to break that promise.

The seller wasn't quite sure what to make of me.
I called her, went to the bank, got some cash, and headed her way.
I asked for recommendations which she thought was rude.

It took 4-1/2 hours to get there but over 5 hours to get home.
I drove only 45 mph the whole way home, with my flashers on.

It was the first time I'd towed my own home and it was stressful; 
but worth it!!

The build quality was pretty good, and most of the features were solid.

But My Tiny Vagabond would need a bit of work before I could offer it as a rental option.

The floors aren't great but I love the color and it inspired the rest of the palette.
The entry features an area for hanging clothes and a basket for shoes.

The cabinets needed a bit of tweaking and some graphic design, for sure!
I am so happy with how well the coffee corner turned out.

And this queen-sized bed! 
It's amazing and soooooo comfy.

Flanked with windows and countertops, it's great for sleeping OR lounging.

Where a bench seat once sat, now a workspace and refrigerator add
functionality that was sorely needed.

No propane in this tiny house!
For something a little different, I added an electric cooktop.
It works really well and stows away when not in use.

Guest's luggage stores easily under the bed and there is PLENTY of
under-counter storage area!

Even the garbage can found a perfect, out of the way spot, to hang out.

My Tiny Vagabond also features a cedar loo toilet and shower.


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