Thursday, October 16, 2014

Step by Step - Roof, Lofts, and Sheathing Pics

Once the four walls were up we immediately started work on the loft joists.

We used 2x6'x and spaced them approximately 16 inches on center like the rest of the build.
This is the front / full loft.

To make it easier, the walls were framed square, 
using only the sheathing to bridge the 6 inch gap in the front.

As you can imagine, its a lot easier to work on the roof with the loft joists to walk on.
This is the rear / queen loft.

Once all the roof joists are secure, we can remove the internal bracing.

But at this point, the roof sheathing was not yet done, so the braces make sure the structure doesn't shift.

This was an awesome day, I gotta' admit.

This picture was taken from the rear of my house and looking into my kitchen.
At this point, I could get a real feel for the space and while I'm taking this picture I'm thinkin'
"I can DO THIS!"  My kitchen  is U shaped with the counter tops wrapping the entire space between the full sized appliances.  As such, my kitchen will occupy this entire end of the trailer.  By tiny house standards my kitchen is rather large, but then again, my entire house is rather large by tiny house standards.  It is 196 square feet.

The top layer of sheathing waiting until after the roof joists were done.

Running the sheathing over the ends of the joists added a lot of stability to the structure.  This is especially important in the front where the wind from the road might start to lift the roof when in transport.  Ummm.....that would be bad. 

Now the sheathing is done!

This pic is looking towards the rear of the house where the bathroom, washer/dryer, and my closet will sit; just to the rear of the fenders.  From this angle, the stairs will go up to the loft just to the right of where I am standing, and up over the fender.  The two chairs are sitting where my living room chairs will sit looking under the stairs to the entertainment area where a flat screen TV will be mounted to the wall.  Can you envision it?

This might look like just a big wooden box to you but it looks like home to me!

Back at work but smiling from ear to ear.
My Empty Nest is progressing nicely.....I'm so proud.

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  1. totally awesome!! Congratulations!!!