Thursday, February 26, 2015

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex in Tiny Houses (but was afraid to ask)

Since the movie, Titanic, remains one of the most popular movies of all time, I can probably assume that you are familiar with the hand-on-the-steamy-car-window sex scene.  Given this, I suppose it only makes sense that during a discussion about sex in tiny houses, a reference to sex in cars would immediately follow.

“WHAT discussion about sex in tiny houses?” you might ask.

Sex is one of those subjects (like composting toilets) where everyone hopes you will tell them all of your dirtiest and most intimate secrets while simultaneously hoping you won’t ask them to return the favor.  But, when I posed the question “How is sex in tiny houses different than in a normal house?” on a popular facebook page; there was no shortage of answers.  Apparently, tiny house enthusiasts are a pretty open bunch of people.  Who’d thunk?
So, before I begin, I have to confess:

1)      Even though I am building a tiny house in my own driveway, I have not had sex in it. (yet)

2)      I have also not had sex in a car.  (and I’ve owned one of those for over 30 years!)

Why confess, now?  To help you understand how very inexperienced I am with this subject matter.  Knowing that, it only makes sense that I would ask strangers to help with my research. 

(insert flirty wink here….)

First off, the dozens of people who responded to my query can pretty much be divided into two categories; those who live in a tiny house with kids, and those that don’t.  It seems, and would be logical, that the subject of privacy and sex go hand in hand in such a small space. (Actually…. everything goes hand in hand, in such a small space, but I digress….)

Secondly, the issues of sex in a loft space vs a first floor bedroom also came to light as it appears that sleeping (or not) in a loft requires a bit more dexterity than some tiny houses enthusiasts possess.

Ancient History – Sex in small spaces is nothing new.  Our ancestors had no shame in conducting their business in close proximity to everyone in the family, separated only by a blanket.  It was considered a normal part of life and communal family living.  As our society has progressed, however, sex has evolved into a more private affair.  Today, as it turns out, there are still some who are willing to buck the trend of sexual privacy and either ask their children to wear headphones, or wait until they go to sleep.  As one respondent explains “that’s what they make sheets for.”

Play Dates – If you’re living in a tiny house, with kids, however, that awkward talk about “mommy and daddy” time doesn’t have to be a sweat inducing conversation.  Some tiny house parents choose to merely wait until their children have gone to school, or a friend’s house, to engage in coitus.  I have to admit; it brings to mind a whole new meaning to the terms “play date” and “Romper Room”.  In that scenario, sex in a tiny house really isn’t much different than a normally sized home, unless you’re in a loft of course.

Lofty Lovin’ – Amongst tiny house enthusiasts, there are adamant proponents on each side of the loft vs main floor bedroom discussions.  Most of these discussions focus on age related issues and reluctance to climb stairs with no rails, or inability to climb them at all.  When you introduce the idea of sex in lofts, however, the subject takes on a whole new shade of fun.  Apparently, leverage for the lucky lover on the bottom is a key pleasure factor.  Footprints on the ceiling, anyone?  Also, since there is no room for a bedframe, there is no bedframe to move or squeak.  Bonus!  Looking for something to hold onto?  One of the respondents enthusiastically reported that she and her husband installed permanent handles at the head of the bed.  Sex on the stairs?  Given that the last step is commonly 18” tall, or more, it apparently serves as the perfect perch height for the more brave and balanced amongst us.

Ladders, Ladders, and more Ladders – Even if you have a first floor bedroom in a tiny house you probably also have a ladder to access storage.  Or, if you have a loft, you have a loft ladder.  Either way, THIS is the kind of kinky fun I am looking forward to.  Ladder + Silk Scarves + Feathers (or leather) = Fun.   So….about all those fun dreams that you’ll have now; you’re welcome. In all honesty, I cannot take full credit for this idea but the guy who came up with this idea won’t; so the burden is left to me. 

All The Time in the World – Nine months after large snowstorms, it is very common for local hospitals to see a small increase in the births of new babies in that same area.  When people find themselves with extra time on their hands, without the distractions of everyday life activities like work, and school, and TV; they have sex.  If you ask tiny house occupants what they enjoy most about the tiny house lifestyle, they often quote “more time” as a factor for the uptick in their quality of life.  If they’re spending less time cleaning or working to pay a mortgage, they have more time for doing the activities they love….like hiking and biking and traveling; and sex. And what are these occupants doing when they’re not doing all of that?  They are planning to have sex.  They’re installing brackets for swinging chairs, handles on the ceiling over the shower, and bolting the kitchen cabinets to the walls. 

In many ways, love lives are really no different in tiny houses than they are in normal sized houses.  People will always find a time, and a place, to express their naked desires.  In a car, in an elevator, on a park bench, or their parent’s bedroom…..they’re all fair game.  I am really not surprised that since the people who live in tiny houses are very intentional about what they find time and space for in their lives, and homes (and because it’s one of the sheer joys of being an adult) sex often makes the list.

The stair perching, ladder tying, handle installing, cabinet bolting, list.

I better stop here.  I’m blushing….












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