Thursday, February 26, 2015

To Door, or Not to Door, That is the Question!

I have a quandary.  Yet.  Another.  Quandary.

First off, I don’t like the smell of poo near my kitchen.  And for that reason, I designed my home to have the poo smelling room as far from the kitchen as possible.  And, because I was also attempting to incorporate efficiency into my design, the washer and dryer closet is near the shower.  (same source line, same grey water tank, uber efficient, right?)

So, I have bathroom on the back section of my tiny house with two adjacent closets.  That gives me, not one, not two, but THREE door decisions to make.

To have a door, or not to have a door, that is the question. 
Right?  Not exactly.

Here is a listing of my options and the reasons why I love, and hate them all.


Yay! - They are super lightweight, cheap, easy to make myself, and are an easy way to add color and texture to a space. 

Boo – They will not keep smells, or sounds, that are happening in the bathroom and laundry area from permeating the main living area.

Vintage / Solid / Traditionally Hung Door

Yay! – I already have a really cool vintage door and I love the look of them.  They’re fairly easy to cut-to-size, and not too hard to hang.  They also provide additional storage options.  (Don’t forget your vertical storage options, people!!)

Boo – They’re heavy and I need three of them in a very, small, space.  You literally couldn’t have more than one of them open at any given time.

Pocket Door

Yay! – They’re a very efficient use of space.  They disappear when not in use.  What’s not to love?

Boo – The wall you “push” them into needs to be free of any other attributes (electrical, framing, etc….) and have you ever tried to un-stick one?  Ugh!!!  Just imagine having to pee and not being able to get the door open, or closed.  (and since I am old, this is a huge consideration!  LOL)

Sliding Barn Door

Yay! – Since I have only one vintage door, it makes sense that instead of hanging it in one of the three door openings, I could use it for the main entry to the “back area” and just skip the other three.  As a slider, it would really open up the three mini spaces into one big space.  I have to admit I LOVE this idea.

Boo – Not only would I be sacrificing the vertical storage space of the door itself, I would not be able to utilize the wall space it slides ONTO for anything either… pictures, shelves, electrical outlets, light fixtures.  That’s a LOT of sacrifice for not a lot of house.

Built in Bookcase Door

Yay! – If I am going for cool factor, this would certainly put my tiny house over the top.  Imagine sitting in the living room with a very cool built in bookcase that…..oh wait….opens up into the laundry / bathroom area!?  Whoa!?  It utilizes the vertical storage area of the door itself AND I wouldn’t have to sacrifice the adjoining wall space.

Boo – Pinterest to the rescue!  There is literally no downside to utilizing this idea. 
I am going to have THE coolest tiny house on the interweb.  I swear it.

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