Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Framing Pics - Part One

Hauling 20 foot long jacking studs with a short truck requires a bit of ingenuity.

Once the floor is sheathed, the first wall is framed outside / in, and flat.

To save weight, here is an illustration of the header design we used.

Here we're using hangars instead of cripple studs, also to reduce weight.

An overview of the headers in the first wall.
(Front to Back View)

Wrapped, sills are flashed, and windows installed.
(Back to Front View) 

Next the sheathing / siding is added and it's time to.......

...jack it up!

And up.
(I hate this part, it's so scary to watch; and dangerous to do unless you're a pro like Mark is.)

Wall #1 is DONE!

Break out the Build Day Six Champagne!!

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