Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Trailer and Sub-floor Pics

Once upon a time there was a $600 trailer that wanted to grow up to be a tiny house.....

After a long journey from OR to WA, loaded with building materials, 
it was unloaded and ready for demo.

It took us a day to strip the floor and fenders; 680 lbs worth.

After we were done, we were left with a bare frame.
(the wood is there to protect our thighs as we walk past the very sharp ribs on the trailer)

Then we bought some fenders and paid $200 to a guy we found on craigslist, to weld them on. 
He did a GREAT job and added some threaded rod to the front as well.
Then we removed some of the surface rust with a wire brush and re-painted the bare / chipped spots.

Our next challenge was to figure out how to attach the sub-floor to the trailer.
It involved drilling holes and installing over 80, 3/8x4-1/2 long, carriage bolts;
 at every spot where the frame meets the trailer.

Partially Framed.

An areal view of our build site.

The sub-floor frame is complete!

We decided to use 4 inches (over $200) of foam core insulation in the floor 
because it is water and mold resistant.
We did not add an underlayment material (steel or screen or plastic) because we felt it was unneeded.
To start, Mark installed stops using 1x2's he cut from scrap wood.

Once the stops were in, it was pretty easy to cut the insulation to size with a table saw 
(but VERY MESSY) and push it into the open cavities.

Ta Dah!
All Done!

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